Peer & Social Learning

Transform your learning from event-based to continuous and collaborative

Why It Works

  • Lets you easily view and share best practices.
  • View and learn from peer and expert content anytime
  • Builds a valuable knowledge base of best practices
  • Encourages friendly competition among users
  • Helps users improve their speaking skills
  • Easily enables user generated content

Unlock the Power of Peer Learning

Fluency Speak's Leaderboard lets everybody see what "great" looks like

How it works:

  • Individual users submit their recordings to instructors/managers
  • Instructors review submissions and choose great videos to share on the leaderboard
  • Users get a message that their work has been chosen to share with the group as a model
  • If they choose to share, the user's video is shared with the group on the leaderboard
From an anthropological standpoint, social and collaborative learning is probably the oldest form of learning. Humans have spent their entire existence learning from one another.
David Wentworth
Brandon Hall Group


99% of millennial workers value sharing knowledge with others at work.

Forrester Research

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