English Training

Unlock English Success

Learning to Speak English is Challenging

Build new workplace language skills anytime, anywhere
  • Increase user's opportunities to practice speaking English
  • Easily fits into user's busy schedules with bite sized learning
  • Provides a comfortable online space to practice in privacy
Improves Confidence and Skills
  • Decreased anxiety improves practice effectiveness and speeds progress
  • Increased opportunities to practice improve retention
  • Turns knowledge into real world skills
Assess Skills Accurately
  • Measures specific real world skills
  • Uses assessment milestones and performance indicators
  • Aligns to specific jobs, functions, roles and proficiency standards
Virtual Coaching
  • Instructors can provide effective feedback often missed in live sessions
  • Identifies areas of mastery and areas for improvement
  • Accelerates user engagement and motivation
Recruiters and HR managers around the world report that job seekers with exceptional English earned 30-50% percent higher salaries.
Christopher McCormick
HBR - Countries with Better English have Better Economies


It is estimated that over 1 billion people are currently learning English worldwide.

The British Council

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